Application to increase Telegram members

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Application information
App Name TMDP
Version 1.7
Last update 11 June 2021
Required Android version 2.2
No need to root
No need for data
No need to username
No need to password
No need to add accounts
Easy to work the App

Increasing the number of Telegram members is one of the concerns of the channel managers and groups in Telegram these days, who manage the various Telegram channels and spend a lot of money to increase the number of members.
Of course, those who need to increase their Telegram channel members to increase customers and sales of their goods and services, need more Telegram services.

Application to increase Telegram members is a useful and interesting tool to increase the number of members in your Telegram channel. By purchasing this software, you can add up to 200,000 members to your channel.
All members enter your channel through the application and the members are real and 100% active.
It is also possible to add offline, online and targeted members, and attracting members through this application is simple and easy.

This attractive-looking app, created by expert programmers, is a great solution for starting Telegram channels as well as increasing memberships for Telegram groups that need real users.

Features of Application to increase Telegram members

Ability to send a message to 100 Telegram groups
Adding Telegram offline Random members/subscribers
Adding Telegram online Random members/subscribers
Adding Telegram Targeted members
Adding views for channel’s posts
Adding poll votes
Sending Telegram bulk messages

With the Application to increase Telegram members, you can increase the members of your channel and group without the need to load the file or even open the Telegram software, and only by entering the essence of your Telegram channel and from within the application.
This application also offers additional services for free to appreciate users, which you can use to increase your channel members.
Application 0 environment is very user-friendly and you can be sure that by installing it, in addition to attracting members to your channel, you can sell its services to others.

The Telegram member adder app

Convenient and user-friendly interface
Easy to install
Can be used on Android, iPhone and Windows (desktop version)
No time and place restrictions
No limit on the number of users
No additional costs
No in-app costs
Free and automatic updates
Possibility of simultaneous increase of members of 100 channels
Possibility of simultaneous increase of members of 100 groups
Ability to simultaneously increase the number of visits to 100 channel posts
Ability to simultaneously increase the survey of 100 channel posts

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